Letters To Our Daughters-Letter #1

My Darling Girls,

This is my first letter to you. I wanted to write you, and tell you all about your life now so that when you are older, you’ll have something to remember. We’re making memories everyday. Life never slows down, it’s a constant clicking clock. Today you are six, and four. My little girls already so big and independent. Sometimes I look back on old pictures and videos and wonder where the time has gone. If there is anything I can teach you it would be to cherish your memories, and take time to remember them. Replay your favorite memories in your mind so that one day when you’re sad, you can think of a happier time. A time when you were children, a time when you had nothing to worry about except what you were going to wear, or play.


Secondly, having a sister is a blessing, not a curse. You will forever have someone to talk to, someone to play with, someone to relate to. Cherish your friendship, offer each other guidance, be honest and true for there is no one else in this world that will love you more than her. Be there for each other, respect her privacy, and always love her. You have a gift of a life long friend. Some people never have this, but you my darlings will always have each other. Look at these images and remember how close you are, if I had one wish of you this would be it.

DSC_2518 RGW_1168-Recovered

It is your first summer break from school, McKinley. That is why I wanted to make it special and be home with you everyday.You grow bigger everyday. You amaze me everyday with your sweet, kind, and thoughtful self. When you were a baby you were always so silly. You still are today, never lose that always continue to laugh. A smile will always be more beautiful than a frown. You are so independent. You like to make your own breakfast, tie your own shoes. You amazed me when you learned how to ride a bike without training wheels in one day. It amazes me how much you have grown this summer. Always striving to learn more, always wanting to read more, do more. You challenge yourself, and push your limits. You never quit until you have succeeded. You will be successful in everything you do, I promise you.

DSC_2766 DSC_2288 DSC_2673

My little Audrey, oh Miss Thing. You are so headstrong, so outgoing. You love everyone, you have no fear. This scares me. You always want to do what sissy does, and hate when you can’t. You’re a boss. But you love with passion. You love to cuddle, give kisses, and hugs. I’m scared to teach you too much before school because you pick it up so quickly I don’t want you to be bored. You learned how to write your ABC’s in one try. You learned all your colors and how to mix them in less than an hour. You’re so smart, and I know you’ll do so great in school. You look out for your sister, always defending her above yourself. I absolutely love this about you, always remember this.

DSC_2703 DSC_2784 _RGW2072 DSC_3054 copy 2DSC_2457 DSC_2330 RGW_1821 copy

When I became a mommy, I was scared I think we all are. But today when I look at you, I know that Daddy and I have done things right. I absolutely cannot wait to see what your bright future holds. But for now, you are my little girls. I still brush your teeth, I still tuck you in, you still kiss me on my cheek. I know now more than ever that these moments are fleeting, and you can never have them back. It’s so important to remember to take time for each other.

I wanted you to have a summer like I did when I was a kid. Most of my memories involved me playing outside, running barefoot, playing with bugs and dirt. I remember how the sun felt on my skin, how the dirt felt between my toes. Jumping in the cold water to cool off from the heat. Playing tag, and catching lightning bugs. This is what I wanted for you. And this is what you have. The best part about it is, it’s what you enjoy. Sure you watch TV, or occasionally play with your tablets. But you love to be outside more. You’re not brought down by technology and I am so proud of that.

DSC_3359 RGW_1139 DSC_3174 DSC_3005 DSC_2751 DSC_2925

So, this is letter one. Many more to come. I hope that by reading these, they will help you remember your childhood and how much we love you both.

Love, Mama


Lifestyle Session|Baby E

A good friend from high school asked me to do her first baby’s newborn pictures, andΒ  I was so excited to do this session for many reasons. Baby E slept like a champ, we actually had problems waking her up! I couldn’t of asked for anything better, she made my job easy. One of the things I love most about photography is how it allows me to connect with people. I loved being able to see my friend as a mother, and experience a little bit of their life. They love their little girl so much, you can see it radiate in the pictures. Such a sweet little family, I wish them nothing but the best.

RGW_0655 RGW_0694 RGW_0738 RGW_0743 RGW_0780 copy RGW_0798 copy 2 RGW_0808 RGW_0842 copy 2 RGW_0845 copy RGW_0891 copy 2 RGW_0925 copy RGW_0936 RGW_0948

K&J Parkville MO Engagement

I’ve known K since middle school. When she asked me to do her pictures, I was SO excited. She lives in Columbia, MO so it was a little drive for her and we only had one weekend to do it. It was raining off and on that day, but when we got to the park it let up for us just in time to do our session. We were both a little bummed the sun couldn’t peak out, but I think we made the best of it. Thanks to these two for allowing me to take their photos and for being such great sports. You two really are cute together, and I wish you all the best!

kelsey+jordan1 copy 2kelsey+jordan4 copy 3 kelsey+jordan5 kelsey+jordan8 kelsey+jordan9 kelsey+jordan11 kelsey+jordan13 kelsey+jordan14 kelsey+jordan15 kelsey+jordan16 kelsey+jordan17 kelsey+jordan19 kelsey+jordan21 kelsey+jordan22 kelsey+jordan23 kelsey+jordan25 kelsey+jordan26 kelsey+jordan30 kelsey+jordan35 kelsey+jordan41 kelsey+jordan46 kelsey+jordan47 kelsey+jordan52

The ABC’s of Me

I thought so you could get to know me a little better and find out more about me I should probably post a little more about myself πŸ™‚

A-is for addicted, I have a very addictive personality. To photography, books, and google lol.

B-is for books. I LOVE books. Preferably series, I just love them. Once I get into them I can’t stop until I finish (see A-addicted).

C-is for children. I love my children, they’re my life. Without them I can truly say I would’ve never found this art form.

D-dogs. I love them. I love photographing them too. There’s just something about the sweet soul of a dog that makes me melt.

E-is for empathy. If I could photograph everyone for free I totally would. I am a big believer in giving back.

F-is for family. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that there’s only one thing constant in this world and that is the love of your family.

G-is for giving. I wish I could give back so much more. There are so many people in need.

H-is for home. Announcement time-we’re moving back home to Kansas City. It turns out that home really is where the heart is and we miss our family. I can’t wait to get back!

I-is for Ice Cream. Ben and Jerry’s to be specific. It is so addicting and so delicious.

J-is for Jams. I am a huge music lover. Huge. I have over 4k songs on my phone and am always listening especially when I edit or blog πŸ™‚

K-is for ketchup. I love it, my sauce of choice.

L-is for love. I love my fiance Jason he’s my rock. We’ve been together 6 years and I couldn’t live life without him.

M-is for McKinley. The baby that made me a mother who changed my whole view on the world and what we were put here for.

N-is for nostalgic. I have a problem with being nostalgic. It sometimes makes me cry haha.

O-is for opinionated. I am so very opinionated and I’m not afraid to voice it. Sometimes it comes of a little more abrasive than intended and gets me in trouble.

P-is for poppies, they are my absolute favorite flower.

Q-is for quiet. Everyone tells me I am so quiet and reserved. Can’t be a bad quality, right?

R-is for relative. I try to relate to everyone and put myself in their shoes to understand their thoughts and opinions.

S-is for sleepy. I love to sleep. I could literally sleep 18 hours a day and be totally happy and content.

T-Teen Mom. My guilty pleasure haha.

U-is for uncoordinated. I am seriously challenged at walking UP stairs.

V-is for von Willebrand. It’s a blood disorder and I am one of many lucky Americans to be blessed with it. (can you sense my sarcasm)

W-is for whiny. I admit I’m a baby and sometimes whine. A LOT.

X-I’m sorry I have NOTHING for this letter LOL.

Y-is for yummy! I love food especially sweets (see letter C and A)

Z-Zebras-I like them, they’re pretty cool.

I kinda lost it by the end of this list, this was harder than I thought!

2012|In Review

2012 was a year of many firsts. First SLR, first real session, first real client the list goes on and on. In my first official year of my photography journey I have learned SO much more than I ever expected, grown so much more than I could even dream and for those two things I am so thankful. Without the support of my family (even though they do get annoyed sometimes) I wouldn’t be anywhere. They are my inspiration, motivation, and reason for finding this new passion. As 2013 comes along, I have new goals, new things to try and new things to learn so thank you all for your support and I hope you follow along with me.

7636AdmireEng-copy-4 041612001-copy-2 041612011-copy-2 041612024-copy-2 041612033-copy IMG_3065 copy 4 IMG_3154-copy-4 IMG_4558-copy-5 IMG_5342 copy 4 IMG_5747-copy-3 IMG_5797 copy 4 IMG_5916-copy-3 IMG_7259-copy-2

Little M Family|Springfield MO Family Photographer

I cannot say enough about how sweet this family was. It was a gorgeous November day, barely even needed jackets which made for gorgeously backlit images that are my absolute favorite! And the fall colors-to die for! 18 month old little D was a pleasure to work with and totally hammed it up for the camera. It was so hard to pick favorites but here they are. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family it was a great experience!