The ABC’s of Me

I thought so you could get to know me a little better and find out more about me I should probably post a little more about myself 🙂

A-is for addicted, I have a very addictive personality. To photography, books, and google lol.

B-is for books. I LOVE books. Preferably series, I just love them. Once I get into them I can’t stop until I finish (see A-addicted).

C-is for children. I love my children, they’re my life. Without them I can truly say I would’ve never found this art form.

D-dogs. I love them. I love photographing them too. There’s just something about the sweet soul of a dog that makes me melt.

E-is for empathy. If I could photograph everyone for free I totally would. I am a big believer in giving back.

F-is for family. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that there’s only one thing constant in this world and that is the love of your family.

G-is for giving. I wish I could give back so much more. There are so many people in need.

H-is for home. Announcement time-we’re moving back home to Kansas City. It turns out that home really is where the heart is and we miss our family. I can’t wait to get back!

I-is for Ice Cream. Ben and Jerry’s to be specific. It is so addicting and so delicious.

J-is for Jams. I am a huge music lover. Huge. I have over 4k songs on my phone and am always listening especially when I edit or blog 🙂

K-is for ketchup. I love it, my sauce of choice.

L-is for love. I love my fiance Jason he’s my rock. We’ve been together 6 years and I couldn’t live life without him.

M-is for McKinley. The baby that made me a mother who changed my whole view on the world and what we were put here for.

N-is for nostalgic. I have a problem with being nostalgic. It sometimes makes me cry haha.

O-is for opinionated. I am so very opinionated and I’m not afraid to voice it. Sometimes it comes of a little more abrasive than intended and gets me in trouble.

P-is for poppies, they are my absolute favorite flower.

Q-is for quiet. Everyone tells me I am so quiet and reserved. Can’t be a bad quality, right?

R-is for relative. I try to relate to everyone and put myself in their shoes to understand their thoughts and opinions.

S-is for sleepy. I love to sleep. I could literally sleep 18 hours a day and be totally happy and content.

T-Teen Mom. My guilty pleasure haha.

U-is for uncoordinated. I am seriously challenged at walking UP stairs.

V-is for von Willebrand. It’s a blood disorder and I am one of many lucky Americans to be blessed with it. (can you sense my sarcasm)

W-is for whiny. I admit I’m a baby and sometimes whine. A LOT.

X-I’m sorry I have NOTHING for this letter LOL.

Y-is for yummy! I love food especially sweets (see letter C and A)

Z-Zebras-I like them, they’re pretty cool.

I kinda lost it by the end of this list, this was harder than I thought!


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