Lifestyle Session|Baby E

A good friend from high school asked me to do her first baby’s newborn pictures, and  I was so excited to do this session for many reasons. Baby E slept like a champ, we actually had problems waking her up! I couldn’t of asked for anything better, she made my job easy. One of the things I love most about photography is how it allows me to connect with people. I loved being able to see my friend as a mother, and experience a little bit of their life. They love their little girl so much, you can see it radiate in the pictures. Such a sweet little family, I wish them nothing but the best.

RGW_0655 RGW_0694 RGW_0738 RGW_0743 RGW_0780 copy RGW_0798 copy 2 RGW_0808 RGW_0842 copy 2 RGW_0845 copy RGW_0891 copy 2 RGW_0925 copy RGW_0936 RGW_0948


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