2012|In Review

2012 was a year of many firsts. First SLR, first real session, first real client the list goes on and on. In my first official year of my photography journey I have learned SO much more than I ever expected, grown so much more than I could even dream and for those two things I am so thankful. Without the support of my family (even though they do get annoyed sometimes) I wouldn’t be anywhere. They are my inspiration, motivation, and reason for finding this new passion. As 2013 comes along, I have new goals, new things to try and new things to learn so thank you all for your support and I hope you follow along with me.

7636AdmireEng-copy-4 041612001-copy-2 041612011-copy-2 041612024-copy-2 041612033-copy IMG_3065 copy 4 IMG_3154-copy-4 IMG_4558-copy-5 IMG_5342 copy 4 IMG_5747-copy-3 IMG_5797 copy 4 IMG_5916-copy-3 IMG_7259-copy-2


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